Festival Generation Week

April 4th, 5th, & 6th *multiple day event

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Welcome to Festival Generation ​Week hosted in collaboration with the Life is Beautiful Festival and First Friday Foundation​.  ​During this week we will bring together forward thinking individuals from all aspects of the music business to share their expertise and collaborate on the current and future state of festivals.

The purpose is to explore the following questions:

  • What are we missing in our daily lives that drive people around the world to make these annual pilgrimages?
  • What is creating such large demand for these experiences?
  • How do peoples' experiences at the festivals affect their actions or thoughts beyond the event?
  • What is the impact of these huge events on the cities and communities that host them?
  • How can we program these events to maximize the lasting impact on participants and the local community?
  • How can brands capture consumer attention with additive experiences and activations that create a lasting impact?
  • Where are the opportunities for global conversations and real social change to be made through these events?

Festival Generation Week is produced and curated by CatalystCreativ, a small business funded by the Downtown Project.


      • Adam Tichauer
      • CEO, Playbutton
      • Watch Adam's Talk HERE

      • Alexis Giles
      • Amy Benziger
      • Director of Partnerships, Love Social
      • Andi Cheatham
      • Founder & Exec. Producer, HOPE Events
      • Watch Andi's Talk HERE

      • Ashley Bekton
      • Founder, Bekton Media Group
      • Watch Ashley's Talk HERE

      • Austin Biznow
      • Songwriter, Producer, Co-Founder, Austin Bis
      • Chad Kaydo
      • Editor at Large, Bizbash
      • Watch Chad's Talk HERE

      • Ebenezer Bond
      • Co Founder and Partner / Founder, Invisible North / World Up!
      • Watch Ebenezer's Talk HERE

      • Gabe Shepherd
      • Community Liaison, SXSW
      • Watch Gabe's Panel HERE

      • Jesse Israel
      • Co-Founder, Cantora Records
      • Watch Jesse's Panel HERE

      • Joey Vanas
      • Managing Partner, First Friday Las Vegas / Life is Beautiful Festival
      • Watch Joey's Talk HERE

      • Jonathan Neman
      • Co-Founder, Sweetlife Festival
      • Watch Jonathan's Talk HERE

      • Karla Ballard
      • SVP, Ogilvy
      • Watch Karla's Panel HERE

      • Michael Trainer
      • US Country Director/Creative Director, Global Poverty Project
      • Watch Michael's Talk HERE

      • Nathaniel Ru
      • Co-Founder, Sweetlife Festival
      • Watch Nathaniel's Talk HERE

      • Nathaniel Whittenmore
      • Strategy Lead, Sponsorfied
      • Watch Nathaniel's Talk HERE

      • Nick Jarjour
      • Co-Founder, Dream Machine
      • Watch Nick's Talk HERE

      • Pete Shapiro
      • Owner, Brooklyn Bowl, Capital Theater, Relix Magazine
      • Watch Pete's Talk HERE

      • Rehan Choudhry
      • CEO, LIfe is Beautiful
      • Watch Rehan's Talk HERE

      • Sean Glass
      • WIN Records
      • Watch Sean's Panel HERE

      • Shannon Henn
      • Executive Director, Love Hope Strength Foundation
      • Watch Shannon's Talk HERE

      • Sig Greenebaum
      • Vice President of Marketing and Sponsorship, Rehage Entertainment
      • Tom Flanigan
      • EVP Entertainment, Leo Burnett
      • Watch Tom's Panel HERE

Thursday April 4th

4:30PM - 5:00PM Meet the Speakers – Community Mixer at Downtown Project Construction Zone – 102 South 7th Street
5:00PM - 7:15PM Festival Generation Sessions at Downtown Project Construction Zone – 102 South 7th Street

Talk: Joey Vanas, Managing Partner – First Friday LV / Life is Beautiful Festival
Talk: Shannon Henn, Executive Director – Love Hope Strength Foundation
Talk: Chad Kaydo, Editor in Chief – Bizbash
Talk: Adam Tichauer, CEO – Playbutton
Talk: Andi Cheatham, Founder/President/EP - HOPE
Talk: Rehan Choudhry, Founder – Life is Beautiful Festival
8:00PM - 11:30PM Local Vegas Music Showcase Curated by Life is Beautiful Festival at Backstage Bar & Billiards – 601 E Fremont Street @ 6th Street
Check out Downtown Vegas’ local musicians. Showcase Featuring: American Cream, Rusty Maples, Sabriel and Two 4 Progression

Friday April 5th

3:30PM - 4:00PM Downtown Speaker Series Mixer at Downtown Project Construction Zone – 102 South 7th Street
4:00PM - 5:00PM Downtown Speaker Series at Downtown Project Construction Zone – 102 South 7th Street
5:00PM - 11:00PM First Friday Las Vegas
Check out one of Downtown Las Vegas’ most iconic events. Shuttles pick up from the corner of 6th and Fremont.

More info:http://www.firstfridaylasvegas.com/
11:30AM - 12:00PM Meet the Speakers at Downtown Project Construction Zone – 102 South 7th Street
12:00PM - 4:00PM Festival Culture Sessions at Downtown Project Construction Zone – 102 South 7th Street

Talk: Ashley Bekton, Founder – Bekton Media Group
Panel: Jesse Israel, Co-Founder – Cantora Records, Sean Glass - WIN Records, Tom Flanigan, EVP Entertainment - Leo Burnett
Talk: Nathanial Whittenmore, Strategy Lead - Sponsorfied
Talk: Pete Shapiro, Owner – Brooklyn Bowl, Capital Theatre, Relix Magazine
Panel: Pat Christiansen, President – Las Vegas Events, Betsey Fretwell, City Manager – City of Las Vegas, Gabe Shephard, Community Liasion - SXSW, & Karla Ballard, SVP - Ogilvy
Talk: Ebenezer Bond, Co-Founder / Partner – Invisible North / World Up!
Talk: Nick Jarjour, Co-Founder – Dream Machine
Keynote: Michael Trainer, US Country Director – Global Poverty Project /Executive Producer - Global Festival

10:00PM DJ Sean Glass at Commonwealth
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